Gender Bias

Don't Confuse Children by indirectly criticising the other gender

Sometimes, the set notions about how a child belonging to a particular gender should behave are rather silly. For a child, relating to his/her gender is important, but we have to be careful that s/he does not develop any animosity or a strong dislike and/or disrespect for the other gender. 

Money and handcuffs

In a lot of cases, even while the women are working and getting salaries deposited in their bank accounts, it's their husbands who manage the money. The reasons for this unfortunate situation could vary, but the consequence is that, even after earning money, the wife would need permission at worst and consultation at best, in order to spend or invest the money.

Ravana dussera

While it's not practically possible to protect our kids from depicting our mythological characters, or watching such skits, serials or films, it's extremely important to counsel children every now and then that so much from these ancient characters wouldn't be applicable in the contemporary context.

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