Calligraphy for Kids -- Chiseled Strokes

Calligraphy for Kids -- Chiseled Strokes

Have fun with Calligraphy Worksheets designed for kids

The download is a pdf file of 16 pages out of which 8 are worksheets that are designed to introduce Calligraphy to little kids. This sample also contains a blank practice paper, which comes in really handy while practicing difficult strokes. Read on for detailed description and there is a link to the complete product at our TPT Store too.

What do you get in this PDF?

This set is a sample from a series of worksheet sets. There would be separate sets for straight strokes, alphabet with straight strokes, curved strokes, and alphabet with curved strokes. The alphabet will be fonts designed by me and would be made of just the strokes kids have already practiced. Scroll down to the bottom for the download link.

This is a preview set available as a free download and it contains 8 sample worksheets. This includes a blank practice paper with a grid. It comes really handy when you need extra practice with tricky strokes. Other sets available with the number of worksheets in each set are:

Classic Calligraphy with Chiseled Strokes Straight (20)
Classic Calligraphy with Chiseled Strokes Alphabet 1 (30)
Calligraphy Worksheets with Chiseled Strokes Curved (36)

Link to the Complete Product:

Calligraphy for Kids Bundle at TeachersPayTeachers

Here are some preview images of this product:

Calligraphy for Kids Chisel Marker - Straight Strokes

Calligraphy for kids - Alphabet - Le Chiselon Font

Calligraphy for Kids -- Lettering Worksheets

Calligraphy for Kids - Curved Strokes with Chiseled Makers are a little more complex but worth the effort.

Beautiful Borders and patterns using Curved Chiseled Strokes

Two Christmas Trees with Curved strokes are The Special Bonus with our complete set.

The Product's Description:

Bundle Description
  • Classic Calligraphy with Chiselled Strokes — Practice Straight curves, an alphabet comprising straight strokes, and Curved Strokes. 
  • Including the Bonus worksheets with a snowflake, Christmas greeting with a snowflake (straight Strokes), and two Christmas trees (Curved Strokes), this bundle of resources contains a whopping 89 worksheets!
  • Worksheets designed to be used with Chisel Markers (up to 3mm broad tip)
  • No mess with Sketch pen style markers — works like a charm for little ones
  • Perfect for little kids trying to learn Calligraphy
  • Improves Motor Skills
  • Amazing improvement* in handwriting is a By-Product!
  • Includes detailed instructions for parents who haven’t got any experience but would like to take up calligraphy as a holiday project along with their kids.
  • Includes a few simple lettering worksheets with words and greetings for practice. 
  • Includes a bonus snowflake with Merry Christmas Greeting created by strokes that you get to practice in the worksheets
  • Includes a few simple lettering worksheets with words and greetings for practice.
  • Includes two bonus worksheets with cute Christmas Trees made entirely comprising the Curved Strokes we’ve already practiced. (Total 38 Worksheets)
  • It contains beautiful patterns and borders with Curved Strokes to engage the little ones. 

* This is something I have experienced, not something I can guarantee. A lot depends upon the style of imparting knowledge, and the interest level of kids too.


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Kids will enjoy creating their own huge snowflake with strokes they've learned
Curved Strokes Calligraphy for Kids Worksheets

About These Worksheets.

Dear Parents & Teachers,

I learned Calligraphy as a young girl, and since then it has been a part of my life. Although it was just a hobby, you never know which skill proves to be useful at which phase and during which phase, playing which role in your life.

When my son didn’t want to sit to write, I realized that he finds this entire ordeal a tad bit boring. I felt if I am able to provide a source of inspiration which is lacking, we might be able to make some progress. 

And so I started writing in front of him using color pencils, calligraphy nibs, etc. He got fascinated with the process of handwriting, and as a result, not only did he start writing but also developed remarkably good handwriting.

When he grew up a little, he wanted more of the stylish lettering work. And with this desire to learn Calligraphy, it was his turn to inspire me. I found some good chisel markers, which kids could use easily and then I created these worksheets. 

We used a few in the last School vacations, and they worked like magic. These have served us really well and kids who were really averse to sitting down to practice writing seem to fall in love with letters.

I hope they will be useful to you as parents or teachers to help your kids spend their time constructively and that you also will be able to inspire them.

May more of our little ones fall in love with lettering.

Yours Calligrahically,


How to Use These Worksheets?

You will need chisel markers with up to 3 mm broad tip size. If you don’t get any, try highlighters with chisel nib. It’s good to practice with colorful, no-mess, sturdy markers before moving on to the chaotic world of ink, nibs, brushes or brush markers.

A Word of Caution:

 1. Chisel markers might be slightly blotchy, so test them with a variety of papers before taking the prints. The bond paper worked fine with my markers.

 2. You might want to check out erasable markers with very young and or super naughty kids. This would enable you to rectify any accidental and unwanted decoration from your little ones.

The only pre-requisite to using these worksheets is, you should be able to hold the chisel marker pen at a 45-degree angle to the paper.

Kids tend to forget the angle or hold the marker in the opposite direction altogether. It will take a little while and a different number of attempts for children before they get a proper grip.

 If you have any experience with chisel markers or a chiseled nib, you would be able to correct their grip and guide them in the right direction.

Once the grip is perfect, encourage them to get neat, clear strokes. You could make them practice the same stroke with a pencil if strokes are jerky.

I have included a blank practice paper too in all the full sets. You should keep a number of these handy in each session.